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Here's a few pages that tell  a little bit about us and what we like to do.

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== New (old) Wagon Project ==

I have acquired an old wagon that nothing was know about. It has a very long box and mounts for three seats.

It also has two sets of apposing leaf springs in the back and no surrey top. I  have only been able to find three

pics of this type of wagon and they were called Democrat Spring Wagons. So I think this is what it is. Below are

some pics of what it looked like when it was brought home.







Some pics from the Kernville Mule & Donkey show


Farm Class

Log skidding single

Log skidding team

Gamblers Choice

Steer Stopping




==  Here are some of our favorite links  ==


 American Mule Association

Spring Canyon Mulemakers    Home of "MERLIN"



Packing in the Jan Jacinto Mountains




Wonder where we're at?    Click the address below for map.

52820 Elder Creek Rd, Aguanga, CA, 92536-9536


Below are a couple video's of our mules in a 4 and 6 up hitch.










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